Maintenance Engineer Job Description


A maintenance engineer is someone who uses techniques and skills in checking and maintaining costly machines to avoid possible malfunctions, breakdowns or system failures. Maintenance engineers are the people who prevent those workplace accidents from happening. A good example of these engineers is those who routinely check the machines of an airplane, ship and even cars.


The duties of a maintenance engineer are very repetitive and are considered as a routine. They do routine checkups, then go back and check it again to be sure that the machine works at its full capacity. They do analysis of equipments that regularly malfunction. They report if there are spare parts that need to be purchased in order to fix a machine.

They are also responsible in assessing whether a machine can still function or if a machine needs to be replaced. They may recommend skills or ways on how to prolong the good performance of a machine. They report safety precautions on proper handling of machines. They also need proper education to be good in what they do.

Education and Training Requirements:

A maintenance engineer should have a degree in electrical, mechanical or similar discipline engineering. A person should be a graduate of any of the fields mentioned. They have high understanding of engineering techniques. Experienced maintenance engineers are more appreciated by employers. Of course, they should be a licensed engineer as well.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A maintenance engineer has good leadership skills with the ability to lead and motivate co-workers. They have very good problem solving skills and are able to diagnose crisis right away. They have patience to go thoroughly on all procedures that needs to be done. They have confidence on what they do and do well under pressure.

Working Conditions:

A maintenance engineer may work in an office space but sometimes they need to go on different sites. Depending on the kind of maintenance engineer, some work outside where they experience different weather conditions and some work indoors. These people work in tight shifts with regular deadlines but in a typical working schedule with normal working hours. Although, some facilities operate 24 hours, they are not required to be on-call.Sometimes travelling may occur during work hours. A maintenance engineer may work in office space but sometimes it is needed to go on different sites.


The salary that a maintenance engineer gets has an average amount of $61,000. The salary of a maintenance engineer may vary depending on employer, location and benefits. Other engineers like electrical engineers and mechanical engineers both receive an average salary of $63,000, while general engineers earn $74,000.

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