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Skilled Advertising Studio Manager Job Description

The job of an Advertising Studio Manager involves supervising artists, delegating projects to staff, setting priorities to meet deadlines, troubleshooting and other production jobs that fall outside the job description of other personnel in an advertising studio.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, sales, business or any similar field and at least 5 years experience as a studio manager in an advertising agency.


Efficient verbal and written communication skills, excellent organizational skills, advanced knowledge of design and production software, proven leadership skills and ability to meet deadlines under stressful environments and motivate a team with a wide range of fields. He/she must also be able to think outside the box, meticulous attention to detail and possess problem-solving skills.

Specific work elements

Ensuring all briefs are dispatched in the studio based on personnel’s strengths and skills, creating a workflow structure, reviewing daily work schedule of the creative department, ensuring work is delivered before deadlines, compiling studio schedules and developing road map for projects, updating studio schedules regularly, keeping all departments informed about project status, dispatching workload and managing annual leaves of employees, and updating clients about job status, among others.

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