Assistant Brand Manager Job Description


The role of assistant brand managers is to participate and help in developing a brand’s different faces in terms of business. They help achieve its success in the industry by developing effective marketing strategies for their brand to be competitive in the market. Assistant brand managers are expected to have years of experience in marketing and sales.


Some of the basic duties of an assistant brand manager include monitoring their sales and production; supporting the brand manager in all decisions; and making sure that the level of competitiveness of their brand in the market is high. The assistant brand manager also develops and plans the promotions that can help the brand to earn a profit; gives assistance to identify ideas that will meet the criteria of their investments and coordinate in minimizing the cost of a project to achieve higher results in sales. He/she is also responsible in assuring the effectiveness of the company’s brand strategies or marketing plans, and overseeing the production of a product from marketing to distributing.

Education and Training Requirements

To acquire the job of an assistant brand manager, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in any of the following courses: business management, finance, communication, marketing and other fields related. Many companies would highly consider a person with a Master’s in Business Administration or also known as MBA.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An assistant brand manager is expected to possess an excellent skill in business management. They are divergent in thinking and very creative. Assistant brand managers are goal oriented and motivated. They have excellent communication skills both written and oral. Finally, Assistant brand managers are analytical and good in research skills.

Working Conditions

An assistant brand manager’s working condition is very tight and busy. They are to travel many times to attend seminars and conferences. During ordinary days, they are to work in a regular shifting. Their tasks may change from time to time because of numerous projects that will be assigned to them. Assistant brand managers are also expected to follow deadlines for these said projects.


The salary of an assistant brand manager may extremely affect some various factors like the type and size of their company. Sometimes even the location may influence the cost that they get. The basic annual wage of an assistant brand manager is $45,000 and inclusive of some benefits like health and life plans, paid vacations and leaves, etc.

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