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Dynamic Assistant Product Manager Job Description


The role of an assistant product manager is to support the product manager in improving an existing product’s marketing campaigns or developing new products fit for the company. They work under the supervision of a product manager, creating marketing strategies for a specific product in the market. Assistant product managers are responsible for establishing marketing policies of a company.


Some of the basic duties of an assistant product manager include monitoring tasks involved in marketing, sales and production; supporting the product manager in decision making, and ensuring that the quality and strengths of the product are not compromised. Assistant product managers are the ones who develop strategies to promote a product; help in identifying the target audience of a product; and check the efficiency of the implemented product development and marketing strategies. They also supervise the production, distribution and inventory of a product and analyze all aspects of marketing and production such as analyzing competitors and statistical reports.

Education and Training Requirements

To acquire the position of an assistant product manager, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in one of the following courses listed: business management, finance, communication, marketing and other related field of studies. Many companies would highly consider an aspiring assistant product manger with a higher degree of education in Business Administration or MBA.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An assistant product manager is expected to possess an excellent skill in business, marketing and sales. They are goal oriented and motivated. Assistant product managers are excellent in analytical, logical and mathematical skills. They have outstanding written and oral communication skills. Assistant product managers also possess strong research skills.

Working Conditions

The working condition of an assistant product manger is hectic and busy. Most of the time, they are asked to travel to attend conferences and seminars. Assistant product managers have regular working schedules, but the working hours required in a week may vary depending on the demand of tasks and works assigned to them. They are required to attend meetings with the manager and other employees. Assistant product managers are expected to wear corporate attire every day.


The salary of an assistant product manager may depend in various factors like the type and size of their company. Most of the time, the location may also influence the pay that they get. The basic annual wage of an assistant product manager is $40,000. This may include benefits like health care, paid vacations and leaves, etc.

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