Brand Ambassador Job Description

The job description of a brand ambassador is that of a specialized marketing representative for a specific brand developed, manufactured and distributed by a company. The ambassador is required to spend many hours working with the general public.

Position Description

The regular tasks of a brand ambassador involve providing information about the brand, product or service, generating sales opportunities and working to build customer preference for the brand.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

Promotes brand names, products and services.
Represents the company in a positive way.
Builds line sales volumes.
Interacts with customers and sales prospects.
Works with other team members.
Works with business partners.
Communicates with the media.
Performs other marketing duties relevant to promoting the brand.
Generates public interest in the brand.
Provides complete information about the brand.
Asks prospective customers questions about food and skin allergies before introducing the product for consumption or application to the skin.
Answers questions about the brand.
Assists managers with the implementation of marketing campaigns.
Provides information to the company on sales opportunities in a particular community.
Demonstrates how a product works.
Gives out free samples of the product to the public.
Models clothing for apparel brands.
Meets department and event sales goals.
Shares ideas with supervisors regarding new ways to market the brand.
Establishes regular customers.
Maintains a customer database and makes regular contacts.
Trains newly hired ambassadors.
Sets up and breaks down displays of the brand.
Keeps selling environment neat and clean, particularly when working with food products.
Tracks and restocks inventory.
Attends sales and marketing meetings.
Provides customer feedback regarding the brand to sales managers.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must be well-groomed.
Must have a license to serve alcohol where applicable.
Must be outgoing, energetic and able to work with the public.
Must have excellent verbal communication skills.
Must have leadership skills.
Retail sales experience is necessary.
Must be able to read and comprehend sales reports.
Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.
Excellent multi-tasking skills.
Must be able to work with minimal supervision.
Must have the ability to work well with others to accomplish team goals.
Possess good organizational skills.
Must be detail oriented.

Education and Experience
High School diploma.
Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or related field.
Job training program specific to the brand.

Work Environment
Must be willing to travel to conventions and trade shows.
Must be willing to handle promotions at nightclubs and bars.
Must be willing to work at public venues and major events where there a large crowds of people.
Must be willing to work in public places that serve many customers such as grocery stores and shopping malls.
Must be able and willing to lift heavy merchandise.
Must be willing to work a flexible schedule which can include nights, weekends and holidays.
Must be willing to appear in pictures in magazines, newspapers and on television programs promoting the brand.

Salaries range from $16,000 to $40,000.
The average salary is $22,000.
Hourly wages average $11.88 per hour.

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