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Expert Campaign Manager Job Description


Campaign managers oversee the operations of the fundraising campaign. They generate, encourage and maximize community participation and contributions. Their responsibilities include supervising all campaign organizations, pledge activity and donations, volunteer participation and supervision, formulating strategies and tactics and reporting activity to the director. Campaign managers also organize and supervise all committee meetings and provide administrative support to the campaign director to assure all operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Campaign managers oversee all specific strategic plans and monitor progress of all operations vis-?-vis plan targets. They generate weekly reports that manifest the efficacy of the campaign activities and provide research and performance reports as needed. They manage all campaign-related operations within campaign objectives, striving for the achievement of campaign goals, trouble free operations and strong relationships with constituents. They handle all programs such as donor cards, solicitor hiring and volunteer training to achieve event goals. Campaign managers liaise with the marketing and communications staff on campaign-related materials and events, ensuring accuracy and consistency of message platforms in all activities. They assist with budget preparation and monitoring of all campaign-related revenues, appropriately tracking financial resources; plan and apply committee and task force meetings; organize attendance, manage logistics, set agendas, prepare materials and transcribe meeting minutiae. Campaign managers also provide administrative support, including correspondence, mailings and filing; disseminate relevant materials like election buttons, T-shirts, pens, etc. to the public to give wide exposure to the candidate and set up interviews and provide for media exposure to the candidate.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts or political science is a prerequisite for a career in campaign management. Two years minimum of relevant experience is also required. A master’s degree in political science or liberal arts and/or relevant experience is highly preferred by organizations.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become an effective campaign manager, one must be computer literate with strong background in the usage of Microsoft Office Suite programs and possess the ability to maintain confidential information and to multitask. Other important skills in this field include good organization skills, excellent negotiation skills, marketing skills, the ability to work independently. He/she must also be detail-oriented and to have and sustain strong relationships with campaign people and personalities are also important elements for a good campaign manager.

Working Conditions

The campaign manager works irregular hours. Evening and weekend work is required. Traveling might be required to meet up with donors and prospects and to attend important meetings and events.


A campaign manager makes $57,000 annually on average. Factors such as size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may cause salaries to vary considerably among campaign managers.

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