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Seasoned Communications Officer Job Description

A communications officer job description involves the tasks of researching, writing, editing and publishing information about a company or organization. The information can be used for internal publications for employees, management and volunteers or for publications that are distributed to the general public.

Position Description

A communication officer is largely responsible for the way in which employees, customers and the public views a company or organization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Communications Officer

  • Directs the overall flow of information for a company including human resources, public relations, division offices and corporate headquarters.
  • Works with staff in virtually every department of the company.
  • Manages special projects of varying type and size.
  • Communicates with members of print, radio and television media.
  • Manages social media communications.
  • Answers questions from employees and company manages and from media outlets as well.
  • Prepares and manages the communications department budget.
  • Manages contracts and relationships with vendors and business partners.
  • Maintains a calendar of assigned projects and deadlines.
  • Delivers written and verbal communications by designated deadlines.
  • Manages the company’s branding.
  • Educates staff members on communication processes.
  • Writes and distributes press releases to print, radio and television.
  • Creates and launches targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Conducts interviews with members of the media.
  • Drives message and announcement development and pitch strategies.
  • Maximizes opportunities for the company to be featured in various types of media messages.
  • Develops internal company newsletters for employees.
  • Optimizes company website content for internet search engines.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must have exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Must have excellent computer skills particularly with software applications like Word and PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge of Associated Press writing style guide.
  • Must have the ability to effectively prioritize projects and multi-task.
  • Must be an efficient time manager.
  • Must be able to function well in a team environment.
  • Must have strong public speaking skills.
  • Must be highly detail oriented.
  • Expert knowledge of the company’s mission statement and product and service offerings.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Must have good problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Must have exceptional networking skills.
  • Must be able to establish firm and reliable contacts in various media outlets.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Business, Marketing, English, Journalism or a related discipline.
  • Master’s degree in Communications, Media Relations or a similar filed.
  • Certification through the International Association of Business Communicators.
  • Certification from the Public Relations Society of America or PRSA.
  • Certification from the International Association of Business Communicators or IABC.
  • Experience working in a communications office or for a media outlet in print, radio or television.

Work Environment

  • Time is spent in a climate controlled private office setting or shared office space.
  • Time is spent looking at computer screens, using keyboarding techniques and manipulating the computer mouse.
  • Must be able to travel to events to represent the company.
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced, high pressure environment with stringent deadlines.


  • Salaries range from $30,000 to $55,000 for officers in junior level positions.
  • Salaries range from $55,000 to $150,000 for officers in senior level or management positions.

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