Marketing Consultant Job Description


Marketing consultants are important to both big and small-scale businesses because they help clients realize their sales and marketing mistakes, and create marketing strategies that will help their businesses recover from financial instability. Marketing consultants research, analyze, make hypotheses of where a business took a wrong turn, then they construct a formula to revive the company.


A marketing consultant works closely with the marketing department of a company or an organization. They usually interview and make all the employees answer questionnaires related to the business. They interact more with the higher management, stating the mistakes that have been done. They work with both the finance and sales teams for them to be able to collaborate on possible marketing programs and business opportunities. They evaluate existing client practices and formulate ways to change it and make it better. They organize marketing seminars and events as well as invite media for press releases and interviews. They maintain the corporate website and ads, making sure that the information posted is updated and correct. They also review the company branding to make sure that it makes an impact on buyers.

Education and Training Requirements:

Marketing consultants need not require a master’s degree or a doctorate. Hiring companies just require you to be a graduate of marketing, statistics, economics or mathematics. Work experience related to the job help in getting hired for higher management.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

For marketing consultants to be successful in this field, they must be time conscious and handle pressure well. They should be organized and aware of the newest marketing strategies that rival companies might be using against their clients. They also must have good communications skills, both oral and written, because they will be working with different demographics, as well as a lot of their clients. They must be driven to succeed and a hard worker. Researches take more than just over night to finish, so one must not give up right away. They must be good with office programs in the computer like excel and word. Skills in PowerPoint presentation help a lot too.

Working Conditions:

Marketing consultants do not follow a specific number of work hours per week, but are mobile. Most consultants are freelancers who work at their own times and schedules. When nearing a project deadline though, they may work more than 40 hours a week, spending most of their time in the office, providing their clients with what they need.


The average salary for a marketing consultant is roughly $89,000 annually. The lower 10% receives $60,000 annually, and the top 10% receives over $200,000 a year.

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