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Strategic Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

The job description of a digital marketing manager calls for an individual who understands multiple marketing concepts and can use his or her expertise to help drive a brand. He or she works in the advertising departments of large corporations and other businesses.

Position Description

The digital marketing manager is responsible for the development and management of advertising campaigns, providing insight as well as expertise when it comes to social media, and improving the brand’s recognition in the online world.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager

  • Manages a company’s brand, messaging and positioning online.
  • Develops various digital marketing strategies for a brand in alignment with other brands offered by the same company or manufacturer.
  • Manages the various agencies that are responsible for the development of advertising campaigns.
  • Stimulates dialogue and communication with consumers.
  • Coordinates and executes evaluations of digital activity and develops standards for these evaluations.
  • Prioritizes demands and tasks in order to meet expectations.
  • Finds methods for marketing on a digital level that are effective and economically feasible.
  • Conducts consumer surveys in order to determine which methods of digital marketing are the most effective.
  • Communicates results of surveys and various marketing campaigns to pertinent individuals and departments within the company.
  • Creates and maintains various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Works with website developers and content writers to ensure website visibility and functionality.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Understands digital marketing strategy development and how consumers respond to various forms of media.
  • Displays a firm understanding of using digital media to advertise and sell products.
  • Possesses the knowledge required to measure, increase and maintain website traffic.
  • Shows keen understanding of social media and how it can be used to reach consumers.
  • Possesses strong communication skills and displays confidence when speaking aloud or in writing.
  • Is able to persuade consumers to purchase products through various digital means.
  • Displays extensive knowledge in relation to the product or service being marketed to the public.

Education and Experience

The amount of education or experience that is necessary to become a digital marketing manager varies from employer to employer. Small start-up businesses may hire an individual who is familiar with basic marketing strategies and social media despite his or her level of education. Conversely, large corporations often require the candidate to have a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree in business, marketing or some other industry-related field. At least some experience with creating, deploying and maintaining marketing strategies online is recommended.

Work Environment

Most digital marketing managers work in climate-controlled office environments, but some travel in order to meet with clients and other departments may be required. These individuals work standard schedules, but they may also be asked to work nights, weekends or even holidays in order to push out campaigns on a deadline. There are few physical demands outside of working with a computer for long periods of time, but the job itself can be mentally challenging since so much of a company’s success depends on its marketing and advertising.


The average digital marketing manager salary across the United States is upward of $116,000 per year. Most of these individuals are not paid hourly; rather, they earn a salary based upon their success, expertise and experience. They may also earn bonuses based upon the success of their campaigns and the number of sales these online marketing plans can generate for the company.

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