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Anatomist: In-depth Job Description and Responsibilities

The job of an anatomist involves studying form and structure of animal bodies and other living things, examining organ systems of body by dissection, comparing structures of various species; determining the ability of animal bodies to regenerate damaged or destroyed parts for the possibility of transplanting these parts from one living body to another; and conducting research using laws of biological science to help in production of human medicine.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, pre-medicine or a related field. Jobs in applied research or teaching may require a master’s degree, while specialized training may be needed if applying for the field of medicine, biology or veterinary medicine.


Excellent research skills; analytical and problem-solving skills; strong written and oral communication skills; great attention to detail; and advanced teaching skills.

Specific work elements

Examples of specializations include genetics, neuro-science, histology, molecular development, forensics, endocrinology, biological imaging, cell biology, physical anthropology and microscopy. While the work elements of anatomists vary widely depending on these specializations, most of their work involves studying structures of animal or plant species in laboratories.

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