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Skilled Neurologist Job Description


A neurologist, also known as an oteopath, is a medical doctor disciplined in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the nervous system. He/she is trained in treating brain diseases and spinal cord diseases and disorders as well as maladies of the nerves and muscles. Neurologists perform examinations of the nerves, determine muscle strength and movement, as well as observe motor coordination of the patient. Neurologists test and look for any sensation and memory problems of the patient. They observe speech and language problems and other cognitive disorders of the patient. A neurologist uses CAT scan, spinal tap and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for diagnostic tests.


Pediatric neurologists, have children as their patients. Clinical research and trials and other types of research like basic and translational are part of a neurologist’s job. As physicians and surgeons, neurologists diagnose illnesses, prescribe and administer therapies and treatment for patients. Apart from doing surgeries and operations, neurological surgeons perform similar tasks as those of physicians. Examining patients, studying and recording medical histories, and advising and performing, and studying diagnostic tests are part of their job description. They give advise on proper healthy living and administer proper health care. An M.D. or Doctor of Medicine and a D.O. or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine also called allopathic physicians are both physicians. D.O.s concentrate on the musculoskeletal system, espouse preventive medicine, and holistic therapies.

Education and Training Requirements:

Premedical students can take up biology, nursing, chemistry as bachelor degree courses. They then can go to medical school for medicine proper and three to eight years for internship and residency. Licensing is required to practice neurology. The candidate needs to pass the national exam for neurology to become a licensed neurologist.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A neurologist should possess a genuine empathic personality, strong communication skills, ability to withstand pressure at work and perform various types of work at the same time. The neurologist must be aware of various insurance programs and plans to guide patients to the best approach for treatment.

Working Conditions:

The neurologist often works in a well-lit and pleasant environment. As a rule, neurologists usually work 40 hours a week. In busy locations, neurologists often work 60 hours due to emergency calls and patient evaluation, sometimes in the evening.


A neurologist makes $202,930 annually on average. Factors like size of company, location, nature of the industry, benefits and experience may make salaries vary considerably amongst neurologists.

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