Music Artist Manager Job Description


Music artist managers are also called artist consultants, artist agents, artist representatives or artist handlers. They are responsible for interviewing and holding auditions for up-and-coming music artists. Once they discover talented artists, managers choose the right genre for the artist to sing, and help in the picking out of songs, research an artist’s target market and device ways on how to market the artist’s music.


The main duty of music artist managers is to make sure that the artist they are managing becomes successful and is relatable to his/her target audience. They ensure artists sings about something they believe in and are comfortable with, schedule shows, interviews and press releases, give advice to their artists, as well as explain contract and other business endeavors to avoid misunderstandings with potential clients and record companies. It is important that these music artist managers know what the music trends are. Although not all managers go for the ones that are currently booming, they may advice artists to go into the classics while incorporating the trends into their songs. Music artist managers also understand the type of music their artists’ sing. They work on the marketing of their artists and contact producers and record labels. They are also responsible for selling the “whole package,” which includes their on-stage persona, fashion sense, and other characteristics that could help the artist exude his/her uniqueness to the audience.

Education and Training Requirements:

Music artist managers do not necessarily hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Most of them just have a love for the job. Having excellent people and communication skills is more important than possessing a diploma. However, larger companies prefer those with a bachelor’s degree in management or at least 5 years experience in the music industry.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To become a successful music artist manager, one must have the drive to succeed. It is helpful if he/she is persuasive with credibility. He/she must be charismatic and a go-getter.

Working Conditions:

A music artist manager does not work the standard 40 hours a week. Depending on how popular their artist is, a music artist manager may work long hours, contacting directors and record companies.


The salary of a music artist manager starts at $54,000 per year. Some managers receive bigger compensations with artists that make it big, while others may earn less annually. Factors such as size of the company and work experience may affect the salary of music artist managers receive.

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