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Creative Assembly Manager Job Description


The assembly manager oversees the entire manufacturing process and ensures the assembly or production process adheres to policies and procedures. His/her job is to handle the cost efficiency, quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process. Assembly managers also works with other personnel to find cost effective and quality materials used in the process, constantly looking for ways to cut costs and streamline processes.


An assembly manager is responsible for planning, discussing and completing reports about the production and the staff. In the assembly line, he/she ensures the staff follows company and government policies and procedures, while manufacturing quality products. Assembly managers inspect the work of staff and implements rules in the assembly line, such as wearing protective gear or proper uniform. Other tasks of assembly managers include setting production goals and meeting target dates, completing paperwork daily related to the assembly line, reporting to supervisors, and communicating with other departments in implementing new company policies.

Education and Training Requirements

It is required for the candidate to have at least an associate degree and manufacturing process and policies certification. Some prefer the business or engineer degree holders but for others employ well-rounded liberal arts graduates who are agreeable to spend time in production-related trade. But most companies hire newly graduates as entry level staff and promote the rightful candidate. As new production technologies and practices arise the assembly manager must be able to adapt fast and easily grip the concept that he will impart to the workers.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become an effective assembly manager, it is necessary to have effective leadership skills, excellent communication skills both in written and oral communication, and organizational skills.

Working Conditions

An assembly manager spends his forty to fifty hours of weekly work between the production areas, where he secures his workers with necessary uniforms and protection, doing quality work and meeting the required target and his office wherein he meets with subordinates and managers projecting and analyzing data and reports. This job includes a lot of pressure and stress; he can be called during emergencies even if he is not on duty.


Salary ranges from $39,529 – $73,000 per year for the assembly manager but this will also vary depending on the years of experience, industry of work and working hours rendered. It is also equipped with health care benefits and paid holidays and sick leaves.

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