Proactive Assistant Production Manager Job Description


Assistant production managers work under the supervision of the production manager. They are responsible in planning, coordinating and controlling of manufactured processes. Assistant production managers monitor production of goods or the effectiveness of services, ensure accurate amount is produced at the right quality and cost and provides administrative support to production staff.


An assistant production manager helps in providing the production process and schedule, overseeing quality control and ensuring products are produced on time or projects completed within the deadline. Other tasks of an assistant production manager include budgeting, utilizing needed human and material resources, creating a timescale for production, supervising production processes, and adjusting schedules when needed. These assistants are also responsible for procuring and monitoring the use of equipments. Assistant production managers also help in checking product standards and applying quality-control programs, liaising among different clients and departments, completing paperwork of the production manager and performing various tasks as assigned.

Education and Training Requirements

An assistant production manager needs to have a degree in mechanical engineering, food technology, process engineering, business management, electronic engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics or biochemistry to advance in the position. Since the assistant’s job is an entry-level position, having work experience in the field is not needed, although it is preferred. Assistants with a master’s degree have an advantage over candidates, but it usually isn’t required.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become an effective assistant production manager, one must possess planning and organizing skills. He/she must have the ability decisively act in important situations, easily grasp concepts, and solve problems in productions. Assistant production managers must also have advanced knowledgeable in using computer programs such as Microsoft Office and other production-related software. Other useful skills in this field include great attention to detail, negotiation skills, good interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills, strong leadership skills, and problem-solving skills. Assistant production managers must also be able to work well under pressure during tight deadlines.

Working Conditions

The work of an assistant production manager involves irregular hours, even during weekends or holidays. Most of the time, assistants need to extend their working hours, especially when meeting deadlines. This job does not involve travelling, but the working environment can be stressful at times.


An assistant production manager may receive an average pay of $54,000. The amount of salary of an assistant production manager may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others like loan assistant also receive a pay amounting to $32,000 annually.

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