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Efficient Production Coordinator Job Description


A Production Coordinator, who works under the supervision of a production manager in the entertainment industry, is responsible for assigning tasks to production assistants, hiring food services and handling accommodation, tracking production costs, and ensuring actors and staff members are informed of call times and possible changes to production schedules. The duties of a production coordinator may vary widely, depending on production budgets and other project specifications. Aside from working as part of a production, these coordinators may also find work in radio stations, advertising agencies, or marketing departments of entertainment networks.


A production coordinator works hand-in-hand with directors, agents, talents, production managers and other staff members to ensure all aspects of the production is ready for filming. Production coordinators also find, hire and manager third-party vendors, actors, artists and other professionals needed in the production. They also plan, organize and arrange the transfers, accommodation and handling of equipments, supplies, cast and crew members to different locations. During production, the coordinator helps in solving problems and concerns related to script changes, contracts and agreements. Production coordinators also fix misunderstandings or conflicts of talent and crewmembers involved in the production.

Education and Training Requirements:

A degree is not a necessity to become a Production Coordinator. However, big TV networks prefer candidates that possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, TV or film with at least 1-year experience in a production setting. Some employers hire candidates with relevant experience in TV or film production, or possess several years of experience as a producer’s assistant.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

To become successful in this field, production coordinators must possess exceptional communication skills and organizational skills. They must have basic finance skills, computer skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, and advanced knowledge in various production aspects. If a production coordinator works in the advertising industry, he/she must have experience in copy writing, marketing techniques, different mediums for promotions and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Working Conditions:

Production coordinators normally work indoors in a comfortable and well-lit office. They may work very long hours, particularly in the final week before the start of shooting. Their work is mainly office-based but also involves being on location shoots. This role can be stressful, particularly during the last week of pre-production.


The production coordinator‘s salary depends largely on company, location, industry, experience and benefits, but statistics show that the average pay amounts to $49,000.00.

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