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Seasoned Factory Manager Job Description


Factory managers supervise an entire industrial factory. They must be able to oversee every activities a plant. They are to implement all rules and policies to all factory workers and ensure them that they follow ever regulation. There are basic duties factory workers do in common even they work in they work in different types of businesses.


The following are the basic tasks and duties of Factory managers: They are in charge to look over the factory’s finances; they execute system a plan and strategy for the factory to be more systematic and organize; factory managers are in charge of interviewing, screening and hiring new workers and employees; they ensure that safety regulations and policies are implemented among the factory workers; they take responsibility on all the activities occurring in the factory or plant may it be good or bad; lastly, factory managers ensures good relationships among the workers and that there are equal treatment applied to them.

Education and Training Requirements

A factory manager is expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any course. The study may depend on the focus and type of industry the company is into. Trainings in managerial skills and years of experience in management are a plus in their application. Higher studies like, a master’s degree and PH.D. is mostly considered and given more opportunities for the job position.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

The knowledge and skills of a factory manager include good leadership skills. They can give good motivations to every worker to do their best at work. They have good interpersonal relationship and communication skills both in oral and written. Factory managers are good decision makers, analytical and logical. They possess an outstanding managerial skill. They are very open-minded and can practice equality. Factory managers are excellent in multi-tasking; they are in charge both in the administrative and managerial aspects of a factory/ company.

Working Conditions

The working environment of a factory manager is both in an office and in the factory/ plant. They are expected to work in a regular weekday and don’t usually work on special holidays. Factory managers may work beyond the basic working hours due to some work related tasks that are needed to be done in a day.


A factory manager gets a basic annual salary of $70,000. This may depend on the size, location and type of the company. Their basic pay in a year is inclusive of benefits provided by the companies such as health care, life plan and paid vacations. Other bonuses are also given to them depending on the company.

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