Plant Manager Job Description

A plant manager oversees the daily operations at a manufacturing plant, ensuring that all employees complete assigned tasks and that safety measures are enforced. A plant manager job description requires training and experience in the manufacturing field, as well as the leadership abilities required to run a mid to large sized staff.

Position Description

A plant manager trains, schedules, and oversees employees in a manufacturing or industrial plant, while simultaneously regulations, taking inventory, and ensuring that the plant meets all goals for production.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Plant Manager

Assists in setting company goals.
Oversees daily operations and tasks in plant to make sure all goals are met.
Devises strategies to make production more efficient.
Runs plant meetings.
Assigns tasks to employees as necessary.
Creates presentations to outline new production strategies.
Hires new plant employees.
Trains employees.
Schedules employee shifts.
Monitors employee productivity.
Writes up reports of production activity and employee performance.
Maintains production records.
Conducts performance reviews.
Leads safety instructional sessions.
Enforces plant safety rules.
Takes inventory of supplies.
Orders supplies when needed.
Enforces company policies.
Disciplines or fires employees if necessary,
Assists in handling employee payroll and plant budget.
Maintains plant efficiency by motivating employees.
Addresses employee concerns and complaints and resolves problems and issues.
Refers employees to HR if needed.
Reports to general manager with updates.
Participates in plant’s strategic planning.
Inspects plant floor and equipment to insure that everything is working properly.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrates strong leadership skills.
Works well with a team.
Demonstrates skill with industrial power tools.
Pays attention to detail.
Is capable of multitasking.
Demonstrates familiarity with basic Microsoft programs, such as Word and Excel.
Works carefully and cautiously.
Demonstrates strong organizational skills.
Possesses physical strength necessary to conduct mild to heavy lifting.
Demonstrates knowledge of manufacturing procedures and engineering.
Maintains friendly but professional demeanor with subordinates.
Can respond quickly and calmly to emergency situations.
Exhibits knowledge of proper handling of equipment and safety procedures.
Communicates clearly and effectively.
Demonstrates ability to think creatively and innovatively to devise new production strategies.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering or Business Management required.
Previous experience in manufacturing field required.
Managerial experience preferred.
Some manager training expected prior to start date.
Plant manager certification recommended.

Work Environment
Work is performed in a factory, mill, or warehouse.
Time is spent on the factory floor and in a managerial office.
Work times may involve alternating rotation of day shifts and night shifts.
Physical labor, from walking to heavy lifting, is required on a daily basis.

The average salary for a plant manager is between $77,000 and $80,000 per year.
The lowest paid plant managers make approximately $50,000 per year.
The top paid and most experienced managers can make up to $135,000 per year.

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