Youth Pastor Job Description

A youth pastor works within a parish congregation, guiding the younger members in their faith via retreats, after school activities, and counseling. The job description of a youth pastor requires a dedication to the parish mission, the ability to connect with adolescents and teenagers, and a passionate and creative approach to religious education.

Position Description

A youth pastor organizes activities for the younger members of a congregation, organizing activities like weekend service trips and lock-in retreats, all in the service of promoting youth ministry and sharing the values and mission of the church.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Youth Pastor

Provides counseling and support to children and teenagers.
Offers instruction to students in line with the tenets of their faith.
Organizes after-school activities and weekend trips to promote strong relationships with peers and with the church.
Arranges service trips to assist others in the parish and greater community.
Recruits new youth members.
Sustains dialogue with parents of church youth group to keep them involved in their children’s life and work.
Manages budget for youth group activities and organizes fundraisers when necessary.
Assists in planning and organizing Sunday school curriculum.
Instructs students on how to be future faith-filled leaders
Participates in and contributes to staff meetings on church-related matters.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Maintains an outgoing and positive attitude with students.
Demonstrates a strong commitment to the faith, and leads by example in his or her personal life.
Must be a good listener and strong public speaker, with ability to effectively educate and preach the church’s religious message.
Possesses excellent communication skills.
Collaborates well with individuals of all age groups.
Demonstrates ability to connect with students, earning their respect and trust.
Must be creative and innovative, designing new and entertaining ways for students to learn what it means to live a life according to their faith values.
Must have ability to organize, supervise, and lead a large group of students at one time.
Must be an active participant in other parish activities.

Education and Experience

Must demonstrate broad knowledge of the faith.
Must have experience working with students.
Previous experience as a youth pastor or in the field of religious education is required.

Work Environment
Work environment will change frequently depending on the nature of activities.
Working hours are organized around student schedules, so the majority of student engagement will occur outside of school hours and on weekends.
Additional time during the day will be spent planning activities in an office setting.
Must be prepared to conduct some light local traveling and occasional weekend trips.

Average salaries are $21,000 for youth pastors in small congregations (50-100 parishioners).
Average salaries are $38,000 per year for medium sized congregations (200-250 parishioners).
Average salaries are $46,000 per year for large congregations (2,000+ parishioners).

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