Head Cashier Job Description

A head cashier takes on the primary cashiering responsibilities at a retail location, processing register transactions and providing customer service. The job description of a head cashier requires excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Position Description

A head cashier welcomes customers into the store,handles customer purchases, assists in selling promotional items, addresses and resolves customer inquiries and problems, and trains junior cashiers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Head Cashier

Greets customers as they enter the store.
Assists customers in locating items.
Refers customers to sales associates as necessary.
Processes register transactions.
Processes refunds and returns.
Activates gift cards.
Signs customers up for loyalty reward programs.
Addresses customer questions and complaints.
Reports complaints and problems to store manager, and refers customers to manager when needed.
Counts out register drawer at end of shift.
Promotes new store products.
Assists sales associates in closing sales.
Trains new cashiers.
Oversees activity of junior cashiers to ensure that they are working up to store expectations.
Ensures that all register drawers are balanced at the end of a shift.
Replaces register tape and replenishes register cash supply as needed.
Keeps front end of store clean and organized.
Restocks, replaces, and organizes items on the sales floor.
Pulls defective or expired items from shelves.
Accepts and signs for store deliveries.
Prepares bank deposit envelopes and stores daily profits in company safe.
Assists in cleaning store during closing shifts.
Answers store phone and provides information or transfers callers accordingly.
Takes note of suspicious behavior of customers or employees and reports this to managers as needed.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrates excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
Possesses ability to converse with customers and ensure they have a positive check-out experience.
Is comfortable handling and counting money.
Exhibits ability to properly use a cash register.
Maintains friendly and welcoming demeanor.
Demonstrates strong leadership skills.
Possesses persuasive skills necessary to help close sales and promote items.
Communicates clearly and effectively.
Is able to remain calm and patient when working with upset or dissatisfied customers.
Pays close attention to detail.
Demonstrates solid organizational skills.
Possesses physical stamina required to stay on feet for an entire shift.
Manages time efficiently.
Demonstrates ability to multi-task effectively.
Possesses knowledge of company goals and mission.

Education and Experience
High school diploma or equivalent required.
Previous work experience in retail sector required.
Company-specific training required prior to start date.

Work Environment
The majority of time will be spent at the register on the sales floor.
Time will also be spent in the store office counting out register drawers.
Standing and walking will be required for the majority of the shift.
The standard 40-hour workweek applies.

The average salary for a head cashier is $30,000 per year.
Salaries for the most experienced and established head cashiers may reach $35,000 per year.

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