Key Holder Job Description with Excellent Skills


A Key Holder is an employee, usually in the retail setting, who assumes responsibilities similar to those held by the management. Its job title comes from the ability to open and close the store in the absence of the manager. They normally perform a variety of sales functions, although they take up supervisory roles in the absence of store management.


The main responsibility of a key holder involves opening and closing the store and performing various security procedures; such as ensuring the security alarm is armed; handling cash, and assuring that the store will be ready to be left until the next opening. Aside from that, key holders perform normal associate tasks like answering queries and responding to a customer’s concerns, assisting in sales, and doing jobs on the floor like restocking shelves and moving boxes. They are also responsible for organizing merchandise, returning misplaced items, ensuring an orderly appearance of sales displays, putting price tags, preventing damage and theft to merchandise, and processing various forms of payment. Sometimes, they also take on the responsibility of teaching new employees, and motivating co-workers.

Education and Training Requirements:

A minimum of one to two years retail experience and training, or an equivalent combination may be enough to prepare one for the key holder job. Some employers would require at least a high school or General Education Development diploma, while others would require some vocational training or course work related to retail.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Since the job mostly involves sales, the basic requirements include knowledge in basic math and equipment (calculator, cash register, or computer) operation. They should be able to solve practical problems, and interpret a variety instructions presented in different formats. Because of the managerial tasks involved, Key Holders are expected to be responsible, reliable, and honest. Being in the forefront of sales, it would also help to be enthusiastic and customer-service oriented.

Working Conditions:

Key holders often agree to be available at any time, in cases where the opening or closing manager will be unavailable. Although they usually work within store hours, they may be required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays to finish tasks such as doing the inventory. The job may also be physically demanding because it may involve a lot of walking and lifting. Dust, lint, and odor from products may also be present in the work setting moderately.


Key holders receive an average salary of $41,000. This may greatly vary due to company, location, industry, experience, and benefits. Benefits often include medical, dental, disability, and life insurance; pension plans; employee discounts; and a 529 plan.

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