Shift Supervisor Job Description

A shift supervisor works in a store or warehouse, and is responsible for overseeing daily company operations and employee performance during their particular shift. A shift supervisor job description involves a variety of different tasks, from assisting customers to conducting employee reviews to restocking merchandise or supplies.

Position Description

A shift supervisor assigns tasks to subordinate employees, makes sure that all sales and operations run smoothly, responds to customer inquiries and complaints, balances drawers and accounts and the end of a shift, and reports to middle or upper management with any ongoing issues or problems.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Shift Supervisor

Assigns tasks to employees.
Oversees opening and closing of store or warehouse.
Schedules employee hours and shifts.
Monitors employee work habits and makes sure tasks are completed in a timely fashion.
Conducts performance reviews.
Writes up reports of employee behavior or customer complaints.
Keeps work area clean and organized.
Motivates employees and offers incentives for strong work performances.
Welcomes customers in a retail setting.
Addresses and resolves customer complaints.
Responds quickly and practically to emergencies, crises, or unexpected problems during the shift.
Ensures that customers are satisfied and find what they are looking for.
Restocks merchandise.
Takes store or warehouse inventory.
Makes sure daily production and/or sales goals are met.
Counts out registers at shift’s end if working in a retail setting.
Ensures that inventory is accounted for.
Keeps supervisor and upper level management apprised of daily operations.
Processes paperwork for HR or upper management as required.
Trains new employees.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Works well with a team.
Exhibits strong interpersonal and customer service skills.
Maintains professional but friendly demeanor.
Possesses physical strength necessary to move and stock merchandise or products in stores and warehouses.
Demonstrates familiarity with basic computer programs, such as Word and Excel.
Is familiar with inventory software.
Manages time effectively and efficiently.
Pays close attention to detail.
Is capable of disciplining or reprimanding employees when necessary.
Responds calmly and professionally to emergencies, angry customers, or other stressful situations in the workplace.
Demonstrates ability to multitask on a daily basis.
Exhibits broad familiarity with company products and organization of store and/or warehouse.

Education and Experience
High school diploma or GED required.
Management experience or Bachelor’s Degree in Management is preferred.
Job training required prior to start date.

Work Environment

Time will be spent on the retail or sales floor, interacting with employees and customers.
Time will also be spent in managerial office located within the store or warehouse.
Daily physical activity, such as lifting, walking, and standing, is required.
Standard 40-hour workweek applies, though shift times may vary according to store, factory, or warehouse hours.

The average salary for a shift supervisor ranges from $23,000 to $33,000 per year, depending on the company.

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