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Proactive Airport Security Manager Job Description


An airport security manager’s primary job is to handle the security functions of an airline’s operation and ensure that his/her department fulfills the requirements of the transportation security administration. Likewise, he has to guarantee the security both of the public and the security staff.


An airport security manager is responsible for the overall security of a particular airport he/she is working for. Various tasks of an airport security manager include, but are not limited to analyzing all the reports on security and inspection to ensure that they are done in accordance with the transportation security requirements, monitoring the airport’s security status and recognizing any possible problems. An airport security manager must also be able to handle any issue that does not meet the standard security procedures. Sometimes, the airport security manager may be assigned to hire and train new employees for the department.

Education and Training Requirements

A candidate who wishes to qualify as an airline security manager must obtain a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Aviation Science, Business, Management, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or any related field. In addition, most of the airport operators prefer those applicants who have 7 to 10 years background in airport security, operations or any managerial position in an airline setting. A candidate is advised to have a minimum of 3 years professional supervisory experience in a security-related field.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

As an airline security manger, one must possess an extensive knowledge of providing public safety security within an airport. He/she must know how to operate security equipments and follow technical procedures. The airline security manager must also have sufficient knowledge of local, national and international security requirements in airports and remains updated with new or updated laws regarding airport security. He must also possess administrative analysis and financial planning skills. To have knowledge on various computer programs and technologies can make an airport security manager even more successful. Lastly, he must possess the ability to face emergencies.

Working Conditions

Airport security managers usually perform their duties in well lit and clean offices in airport buildings. Typically, they work for forty hours within a week. However, they may be required to work at night and during weekends. In emergencies, airline security must always be available for duty.


An airline security manager receives an average salary of $59,000, which can differ greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

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