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Reliable Security Officer Job Description


A security officer is responsible for administrating and enforcing security measures at a certain company’s premises. Security officers may be facility security officers (guards places people commonly visit), chief security officers (top manager in terms of security measures), transportations security officer (oversees commercials airports), hospital security officers (looks after the safety of hospital and private medical facilities), or bank security officers (overseas banking operations in financial houses).


Although the job of a security officer will largely depend on the location of the company, common duties of a security officer include: patrolling assigned areas on foot or mobile to check for fires, vandalisms, or suspicious and unusual activities; investigating of surroundings for possible fire hazards, intrusions or the like; checking of walls, doors and windows of the entire facility to ensure they are firmly closed and locked; submitting of information to maintenance for broken doors and windows; observing of activities and traffic in their assigned area; enforcing of organization’s rules and regulations; alerting of personnel or visitors of possible infractions; assisting persons in the building and ground in need of directions; escorting people to desired destinations; responding to alarms and calls; deciding when a particular incident is needed to be reported to supervisors; and assisting law enforcement officers with crowd control and surveillance activities.

Education and Training Requirements:

A security officer is usually required at least a year of experience in police or security fields. Other than that, an equivalent training or course program may be attained as long as it is similar to the security measures of the police and agencies in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Knowledge in basis security and fire inspection procedures are essential to all security officers. They must be very observant and meticulous when assessing situations as well as be quick in making decisions especially when it comes to emergency situations. They must be courteous and must have good communication skills as they constantly deal with the public.

Working Conditions:

Security officers may work in colleges, government offices, commercial buildings, casinos, banks, hospitals or the like. They may also be needed in special events like concerts. Private residences also seek the assistance of security officers as well as armored cars for added security. Security officers often work constantly on their feet being always on the lookout for potential threats and disturbances.


The annual average salary of a security officer is $52,000 with benefits and compensation depending on the employer. Salaries may significant differ depending on the post and industry of the company he is working in.

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