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Effective Security Supervisor Job Description


A Security supervisor remains under the supervision of a security officer of a certain unit or department. He/she oversees the effective management and safety concerns when it comes to daily operations. Security supervisors facilitate the duties and tasks of security guards and makes sure everyone fulfills their daily job requirements.


Duties of a security supervisor include: monitors the telephone, reception area and switchboard duty; uses and manages the alarm systems; develops and maintains the list of appropriate jurisdiction contracts; carries out the duties assigned by the Director of Corporate Security; continues to adapt and innovate safety procedures and practices in order to attain maximum efficiency and profitably of the company; deals with people in need of first-aid treatment; deals with accidents and unusual and safety-related incidents; monitors security officers to ensure safety programs are properly enforced; assists the Director of Corporate Security in analyzing data from different law enforcement agencies; implements security improvements and procedures for the benefit of the company’s assets; responds to all kinds of security concerns from company personnel; and develops and maintains positive relations with company personnel.

Education and Training Requirements:

A security supervisor must be able to attain at least a high school diploma. He must have undergone training in fire fighting, first-aid and life saving drills. Having experience in handling and managing a particular security unit is always an advantage. Security supervisor usually must have spent a large amount of time as security guards at their respective premises as to be familiar with the entire location of the company.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A security supervisor must be able to have that immediate concern for the safety and welfare of other people in the company. He must be sharp and alert at all times. Other skills such as confidence, motivation, and possessing good communication and leadership skills are also essential. They should have the endurance and strength when force or chasing is needed to track down intruders.

Working Conditions:

A lot of security supervisors work within rotating shifts. Certain shifts may require an overflow of people that must undergo security measures, while other shifts may require security supervisors working along in their premises. Common areas where security supervisors work in are night clubs, government agencies, private corporations, casinos, graveyards, retail stores and armored vehicles.


Security supervisors can make a decent living earning an average of $50,000. With the right amount of experience and responsibilities, this can go significantly higher. Benefits will depend on the employer of the security supervisor.

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