Proficient Auto Sales Manager Job Description


An auto sales manager is the individual in charge of handling the sales representatives working at an automotive dealership. He oversees the staffing of the company, hires and trains new employees; sets the sales quotas or goals, helps in financing arrangements, warranties and rebates for clients. Automotive sales managers lead a dealership’s sales team.


Automotive sales managers run the entire sales team’s dealerships. Since it is an intensely competitive industry, these managers are responsible for developing campaigns, marketing plans and other effective techniques for their company to excel among the rest. Aside from thinking of innovative ways to sell cars, the auto sales manager also help in endorsing the company. Other tasks of the sales manager include maintaining the allotted budget, employing and training new staff, mastering the features of all cars in their lot, entertaining car buyers and handling customer complaints or inquiries. The auto sales manager also completes vehicle inventories, sales reports and invoices, and other documents released under his/her watch.

Education and Training Requirements

Most employers or companies prefer candidates to be top performing salespeople with even just a high school diploma. Others would rather hire managers with bachelor’s degree in courses like administration, management, marketing, communication and sales, along with at least 2 years of car sales experience, certifications or licenses.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

It is important for an auto sales manager to promote professionalism in dealing with day-to-day work in his office and even in dealing with clients. He should be well organized so he can handle both sales and managerial duties. The auto sales manager must also possess excellent customer service skills, PR skills, strong leadership and communication skills, negotiating skills, basic accounting skills, management skills, multi-tasking skills and advanced computer skills. He should be flexible and be able to receive rejection, since even the most skilled sales person can be turned down occasionally.

Working Conditions

It is well known that the auto sales industry is such a competitive world, so the auto sales manager must always motivate his sales team to improve their performance. The job can be stressful, particularly when meeting or surpassing their sales quota. Extended working hours may be required, which may include working at nighttime, weekends, or holidays.


Receiving a base salary that ranges from $45,000 to $110,000 per year an auto sales manager also gets bonus pay or percentages on the total sales they made.

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