Experienced Branch Sales Manager Job Description


A Branch Sales Manager reports to the Branch Manager and is responsible for increasing the branch’s client base and revenues. They may work with a sales team to generate leads for new business and customers through continual sales promotions. Branch sales managers are also responsible for making sure the sales team adheres to the company mission and meets sales quotas.


Branch Sales Managers supervise the sales team’s daily performance or target and follow up on new or used sales achievements and taking part in casual transactions. They are responsible for supervising the sales team to achieve operational targets by providing business plans, and monitoring the performance of the sales team to ensure the specific portfolios of business performances are met. Branch sales managers also work in coaching the members of the sales team to deliver a standard of customer care consistently, while taking actions to make room for future growth. They implement marketing campaigns and product launch strategies; ensure that all business process standards are observed; oversee the activities of the sales team to ensure their activities abide by the company’s policies and procedures; and execute priorities by ensuring an open line of communication between the sales team and back office team.

Education and Training Requirements

The minimum educational requirement to be a Branch Sales Manager is usually a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, Business Administration, Business Management, Commerce, Finance, Accountancy, Banking, Human Resource Management, Marketing or any related field. At least two years of work experience in a related field, along with a year in managerial or supervisory position is also required.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Branch Sales Managers should have excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills; good leadership and the ability to motivate and coach a team into achieving set goals. They should have good marketing skills and a general knowledge of sales techniques. Branch sales managers should also be proficient in the use of computers and software such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint. They should be assertive, and handle pressure effectively.

Depending on the industry, the job may also require a valid driver’s license especially when it involves travel.

Working Conditions

Branch Sales Managers spend most of their time in a clean, well-lit, and comfortable office. They usually work on plans and reports on the computer. The job may also require travel to visit other branches or sales representatives. The position may be stressful as it involves working on deadlines and meeting sales targets. They usually work regular office hours, at 40 hours per week, although they may have to work longer hours when necessary.


The median salary of a Branch Sales Manager is $46,000 per year. This varies greatly due to the size of the company, location, industry, experience, and benefits. Bonuses may also be given depending on the performance of the branch, especially when meeting certain sales metrics. Aside from the usual benefits, some companies provide a company car.

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