Sales Coordinator Job Description

The job description of a sales coordinator can vary depending on the size of the company and the products and services that are being sold. The sales coordinator provides support and guidance to the sales team with goal of meeting and exceeding company sales targets.

Position Description

A sales coordinator stays in constant contact with individual members of the sales team in an effort to help them stay on track so that the can meet their quotas or individual sales goals each month.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Coordinator

  • Holds regular meetings with the entire sales staff and with individual representatives to communicate sales goals and devise strategies for meeting them.
  • Stays in contact with clients to ensure that their needs are clearly understood by the representatives and to look for additional sales opportunities.
  • Answers client questions and concerns via telephone, email or personal meetings.
  • Prepares monthly sales analysis reports and submits to upper management for review.
  • Meets with members of management to go over sales reports and determine necessary changes in strategies.
  • Maintains database of client information including past sales.
  • Collaborates with the risk management department to minimize risk involved with products and services.
  • Works with members of the sales team and with clients on writing and renewing contracts.
  • Holds meetings and motivational sessions with the sales team.
  • Educates the sales team on new products and services being offered by the company.
  • Conducts presentations for management or board members.
  • Obtains feedback from sales representatives to determine ways to improve sales strategies and better meet the needs of the customers.
  • Attends trade shows and other promotional events to network and identify prospective customers.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Has extensive knowledge of the company’s products and services as well as changes in the market and industry trends.
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership, management and motivational skills.
  • Possesses strong negotiation and persuasion skills.
  • Has good active listening abilities.
  • Displays excellent complex problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Exhibits strong verbal and written communication skills as well as excellent computer skills.
  • Has superior interpersonal skills as well as strong customer service skills.
  • Possesses excellent math skills and good reading comprehension abilities.
  • Demonstrates strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Has knowledge of budgets and has the ability to effectively use sales software programs for the generation of reports.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, management, commerce, consumer merchandising or a related field.
  • Master’s degree in business administration.
  • Experience working as a member of a sales team.

Work Environment

  • Works in a fast-paced, high pressure environment constantly striving to lead a team to meet or exceed monthly sales goals.
  • Spends time in a private office on a computer and phone as well as in meetings with sales representatives and customers.
  • Works normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


  • A sales coordinator can earn a salary between $55,000 and $145,000 depending on the size of the company, the diversity of product and service offerings, the level of education and the years of service.
  • Hourly wages range from $35 an hour to $65 an hour with commission adding to the monthly pay.

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