Inside Sales Manager Job Description

The inside sales manager job description calls for an individual who is customer service oriented and able to work well with the general public. He or she must be able to set goals and help their sales teams meet these goals using a variety of methods and tactics.

Position Description

An inside sales manager is responsible for all of the aspects of inside sales, including lead generation, and managing the sales administration process in its entirety.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Inside Sales Manager

  • Builds a lead generation team that exceeds goals for generating leads and selling products.
  • Ensures that the pipeline is always filled with leads and prospects.
  • Manages the company’s website and ensures that social media sites are updated with the latest information.
  • Monitors the activity of employees and provides motivation for meeting sales goals.
  • Coordinates activities within the department so that timelines and deadlines are met.
  • Supervises his or her team according to the policies of the company.
  • Schedules sales personnel according to the needs of the company.
  • Manages salary and performance reviews; hires and fires staff as necessary.
  • Resolves interpersonal issues within the sales department and escalates issues when necessary.
  • Reports metrics and data to senior management.
  • Makes suggestions in regard to improving sales including advertising and lead generation strategies.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Possesses strong written and verbal communication skills necessary for leading others and working with the public.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with various sales and lead generation tactics.
  • Shows a strong work ethic which is necessary for leading by example; misses work rarely and is always well-presented.
  • Has the ability to work in a fast-paced and self-driven environment.
  • Possesses the ability to teach others effectively.
  • Understands the need to be firm yet professional and fair when dealing with employees.
  • Demonstrates proficiently in various computer programs which include PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Education and Experience

While there may not be any formal education required to become an inside sales manager other than a high school diploma or a GED, an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in some field of business is often preferred. Candidates should also possess some sales experience, and this experience can be in the form of multilevel marketing, retail sales or any form of sales requiring interaction with the general public. The candidate should also have experience in creating written reports for delivery to senior management teams.

Work Environment

The work environment of an inside sales manager can vary quite a bit based upon the setting in which he or she works. In the case of a retail sales location, the environment is typically climate controlled. However, if in-home sales are required, the candidate will be required to travel frequently and exposure to the elements is likely. There is no set schedule for an inside sales manager; he or she will spend 40 or more hours per week in the place of business but also likely work from home for the purpose of scheduling and completing reports.


The average inside sales manager salary is $67,275 per year, but there are many factors that can cause this number to fluctuate. For instance, some sales managers are paid a flat salary despite the amount of revenue they generate while others work almost solely on commission. Those individuals who regularly meet or exceed their sales goals may also earn significant bonuses.

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