Salesman Job Description

The job of a Salesman involves assessing requirements of a client, suggesting suitable services or products, making a persuasive sales pitch, closing a sale and providing post-sale customer service to ensure the consumer feels satisfied with the product or service. The tasks of a salesman vary depending on the industry they work in.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a high school diploma and relevant sales experience, or a bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales or a business-related field. Most of the time, employers provide sales training and seminars to entry-level positions, so educational and experience requirements may not be needed. Those who will be asked to sell technical products, such as medical equipments, computer systems or others may be required to have education background relevant to that particular industry.


Basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, , presenting and public speaking skills, effective written and verbal communication skills, exceptional negotiation and persuasion skills, marketing and sales skills, interpersonal skills, and customer service skills. Salesmen must also be willing to travel and work on a flexible schedule.

Specific work elements

Insurance salesmen are responsible for assessing client requirements and suggesting insurance products, ensuring insurance products help clients with their needs and building good client base. Retail salesmen on assess the needs of consumers and provide them with suitable services or products, keep updated with products of the company they work in and keep a friendly disposition throughout his/her shift. Car salesmen market automobiles based on a customer’s requirements.

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