Case Worker Job Description

Helping people cope with their problems is part of the job description of a case worker. From people struggling with addictions to people coping with disabilities the case worker offers assistance in a variety of ways

Position Description

A case worker deals with people who are struggling with a number of different life challenges by working at healthcare facilities, government agencies and schools.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Case Worker

Helps families that are experiencing difficulties due to illness, job loss, injury or other life-changing situations.
Visits clients in their homes.
Assesses potential child risks such as negligence and abuse.
Works with families to develop a safe and healthy environment for children with the goal of keeping the family together and functioning in a positive manner so that intervention is no longer necessary .
Removes children from homes that are deemed to be in crisis and relocates the child to a shelter, a foster home or other safe environment.
Discusses personal issues with troubled family members like money management or personal relationships.
Talks to family members about sexual exploitation of children and other issues that are harmful to children.
Observes children to look for signs of exposure to things that are not age appropriate.
Works as a team member with the court system and a social work or government agency.
Works objectively with family members who have been accused of abusing or neglecting children.
Educates families on how to change dangerous and unhealthy behaviors.
Helps families find resources and support networks in the communities.
Empowers families to become self-sufficient and provide safe and secure environments for their children.
Handles paperwork required for each case.
Finds ways to work effectively with families from different cultures and alternative lifestyles.
Determines whether or not a child is safe within the family’s living arrangements.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must have strong communication skills.
Must be empathetic and non-judgmental.
Must have excellent interpersonal skills.
Strong negotiation skills are essential.
Must be an active listener and have good writing skills.
Must have excellent critical thinking and analytical skills.
Must have strong decision making skills.
Superior organizational and time management skills are musts.
Must have good computer and keyboarding skills and the ability to manage databases.
Must have strong math skills.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or Psychology.
Master’s Degree in Social Work.
Internship and supervised work alongside an experienced case worker.
License to be a practicing case worker in the state of employment.
Certification through the National Association of Social Workers.
Continuing education credits.

Work Environment
Must be able to travel to clients’ homes and other locations.
Time can be spent in potentially hazardous environments when dealing with clients with addiction problems or visiting homes where domestic violence is an issue.
Time is spent visiting clients in various hospitals and mental health facilities.
Must be able to deal with highly stressful situations.
Must be willing to work long and odd hours.


Salaries range from $40,000 to $70,000 depending on the level of education and years of service.

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