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Analytical Analytics Manager Job Description


Analytics managers provide the company’s top executives with summarized and current data to be used in making the most appropriate and strategic decisions involving the company. Since the job of an analytics manager plays a key role in the company’s decision-making processes, this type of manager performs a plethora of tasks to arrive at a comprehensive analysis.


The tasks of an analytics manager include generating data and information from previous statements and accounts of the company, distributing gathered information and data to significant members of the organization, as well as presenting accurate and complete data across the organizations. Analytics managers also ensure data and information are up to date, develop strategies in order to increase revenue of the company by use analytics management, consult with department heads and top management, as well as review strategies and procedures when it comes to corporate practice and operating system efficiencies. Other duties of analytics manager include evaluating data to ensure that the company adheres to certain laws, regulations and procedures; and establishing and maintaining strong relations with all members of the company.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an analytics manager, one must obtain a four-year degree in business administration, statistics or computer information systems. Despite having a bachelor’s degree, employers prefer candidates with advanced educational attainment such as a master’s degree or an equivalent. Training must be attained in order to advance in such positions as to be familiar with the data and information of the company. Employers prefer analytics managers to start an entry-level job with them and work their way up as managers to ensure the loyalty and confidentiality of the manager to the company.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

An analytics manager must be familiar with computer programming and mathematical acumen. He must have excellent communication skills, as presentations are often required of them. He must be able to solve complex problems and must be quick to assess contingencies. He must also be knowledgeable in a variety of database management systems software. He must be organized and patient as significant amount of data is to be assessed and reviewed.

Working Conditions

Analytics managers usually work in front of a computer most of the time. If not working on database management, he is preparing and gathering information for the next presentation required of him. These mangers work in a clean and pleasant office environment. Daily workloads will required them the typical 40-hour week schedule but sometimes, overtime may be required in order to meet deadlines.


The average annual salary of an analytics manager is $77,000. However, some analytics managers may receive higher or lower salaries depending on the company location or size, industry and amount of experience. Similarly, benefits shall depend on the employer of the analytics manager.

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