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Creative Enumerator Job Description


Enumerators collect census data by doing interviews door-to-door. They help the census bureau gather information on the number of people residing in a particular town, state and country. Enumerators mostly work only during the census period and within their own local area.


Duties of an enumerator include the following: inquire about a variety of specific information including a person’s name, age, religious preference, address and state of residency; gather, record and encode information from a survey; get in touch with individuals to be interviewed in their own home or office by mail, phone, or in person; recognize and give an account of problems in obtaining data; submit completed tasks to a supervisor and discuss developments daily; review data gathered from an interview to check if they are complete and accurate; help people in filling out the questionnaires; and find and record addresses and households.

Education and Training Requirements

Most employers highly prefer candidates who have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent or a combination of education and related work experience. Aside from having a clean background check, candidates must also have a Social Security number and a driver’s license. Enumerators are expected to pass an examination for a census worker. Normally, those who are new in this field receive training for the job.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Enumerators are expected to have the ability to pay full attention to what others are saying, understand the points being made, and ask appropriate questions. They must also know how to talk to others in an effective way to convey information. It is crucial for an enumerator to be able to gather information by carefully observing, receiving, and obtaining useful data from related sources. An enumerator must recognize and understand the reaction of other people, be able to write effectively to communicate relevant information, must possess an analytical skill to determine whether certain procedures comply with regulatory laws and standards or not; and the expertise to enter, transcribe, record, sort or maintain data in written or electronic forms.

Working Conditions

The work of an enumerator can be physically exhausting because they have to spend most of their time knocking on people’s doors. Because it can be difficult to find residents, enumerators must go back at least six times to get in touch with people, which can be wearisome as well.


The average salary for an enumerator is $20,000. However, the average enumerator salaries can differ greatly depending on the company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

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