ESL Teacher Job Description

The job of an ESL Teacher involves teaching English to students whose native (primary) language is not English. Since most schools in other countries are required to ELS instruction, the teacher must develop ways to ensure every student he/she teaches learn how to speak and write English proficiently.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in education or a similar field. Positions that involve teaching children or teenagers may require a master’s degree and licensure. Most places would require ESL teachers to obtain licensure, particularly if the position is in public schools. Other places require certification in ESL or bilingual education, which includes continuing education to maintain certification.


Excellent teaching skills, effective written and verbal communication skills, superb interpersonal and leadership skills, organizational and multi-tasking skills, and ability to relate to people of other cultures or nationalities. He/she should also be patient, creative, detail-oriented and analytical.

Specific work elements

Planning and delivering lessons; designing and producing teaching materials; assessing student performance and progress; keeping records; coordinating with fellow teachers, assistants and other professionals; attending meetings; providing advice in developing lesson plans, and performing other tasks assigned.

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