Professor Job Description

The job of a Professor involves teaching at a four-year college or university. They usually specialize in one or more subjects and help students increase understanding of a particular subject. Aside from teaching, the work of professors usually involves extensive research. Professors are ranked based on educational attainment – assistant professors, associate professors and full professors.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate must possess a doctoral degree in a particular field, depending on the subject you wish to teach. Sometimes, educational requirements may be relaxed if a person has reached success in an industry. This scenario applies to best-selling authors, famous directors and others who achieved success in their specific industries. Research experience is needed to become a full professor.


Excellent public speaking and teaching skills, effective written communication skills, time management and organizational skills, advanced research skills and ability to separate one’s self from students.

Specific work elements

Teaching students a particular subject/field; preparing lectures, homework and reports; grading tests and assignments; resolving student issues related to his/her subject; tutoring students who need extra help; performing research projects regularly; providing consulting functions for non-profit organization or government agencies; attending seminars and conducting lectures in their specialization of study; training assistant professors; and carrying out managerial and administrative functions, among others.

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