Knowledgeable Tutor Job Description


A tutor is a person who is hired by an individual or a group to provide education to others. A tutor teaches a wide variety of subjects and skills ranging from art appreciation to languages, IT skills and others. In some areas, a tutor is also known as an Adult Education Lecturer. Tutors frequently work on a part-time contract and often for several employers, unlike a “teacher” who is fully employed in one school or learning establishment. Establishments or organizations that employ tutors may include community colleges, outreach centers, and other independent providers such as charitable institutions and residential schools.


The work of a tutor includes the following: planning courses that are suitable for a learner group; identifying the needs of these learners and using teaching methods accordingly; preparing lesson plans and learning materials; accompanying students on field trips and educational visits, evaluating and assessing each student’s performance and growth; preparing reports on these observations and presenting them to the student’s parents or guardians, or even to the students themselves; may also include educating children with disabilities or special needs.

Education and Training Requirements:

Any person with a college degree may become a tutor, although preferably, a college or university degree in the same field you plan on tutoring in. As in any work or field in these modern times, a tutor must preferably be familiar in using basic computer programs.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

A tutor must have relevant experience in the subject that one would like to tutor in. He/she must have patience and empathy in teaching or explaining difficult subjects and possess strong verbal and written skills, excellent interpersonal skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, as well as problem-solving and analytical skills. Tutors must also have a mature disposition and work well independently. They should also have a genuine passion for teaching.

Working Conditions:

Tutors work in a variety of environments such as primary or secondary schools, commercial premises, residential colleges or even in private homes. When hired by schools, tutors work in a classroom setting or private offices. If they work as freelance tutors, they may work at the student’s home, libraries and other quiet, well-lit and comfortable offices. Some tutors teach students online for an hour or two daily. Regardless of setting, tutors tend to work part-time hours as this depends on what hours their employers are available. Many tutors hold other jobs as well, as they are considered secondary teachers.


The tutor‘s salary depends largely on company, location, industry, experience and benefits, but statistics show that the average pay amounts to $42,000.00.

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