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Reliable Bus Aide Job Description

A bus aide job description involves providing services and ensuring the safety of passengers on a bus. The aide can also perform the same or similar duties on ships, trains and other modes of mass transportation.

Position Description

Along with assisting passengers and handling safety issues a bus aide explains how equipment is used, answers travel-related questions and may even serve meals and beverages.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Bus Aide

  • Greets passengers as they board and disembark.
  • Announces stops and route changes.
  • Facilitates seating arrangements.
  • Collects passenger fares, boarding passes and transfers, and tears or punches tickets.
  • Counts and verifies seat reservations.
  • Records the number of passengers that board and disembark.
  • Makes sure no passengers are left behind at rest stops.
  • Assists with crying children.
  • Responds to passengers’ needs and questions.
  • Opens and closes doors for passengers.
  • Assists children and adults with special needs.
  • Secures wheelchairs and scooters into designated locations on the bus.
  • Provides assistance to sick, injured or elderly passengers.
  • Enforces all rules on the bus and seeks assistance with unruly passengers.
  • Explains safety equipment, procedures and emergency evacuation processes.
  • Performs regular safety checks of equipment and exits prior to trip departure.
  • Signals for drivers to stop when a passenger is experiencing some kind of problem.
  • Transports passenger baggage.
  • Adjusts windows, shades and blinds according to passenger requests.
  • Inspects dining areas and kitchens to ensure safe and sanitary conditions.
  • Reports any bus driver traffic violations.
  • Distributes magazines, headphones, pillows, blankets and other items to passengers.
  • Cleans bathroom facilities and replenishes supplies.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must have excellent customer service skills.
  • Must be socially perceptive.
  • Must be an active listener.
  • Have superior communication skills, is articulate and can enunciate clearly.
  • Have good reading and comprehension skills.
  • Must have excellent critical thinking skills.
  • Must be able to think clearly, react appropriately and remain calm in an emergency.
  • Must have excellent dexterity and hand/eye coordination.
  • Has the ability to make quick decisions.
  • Must be a good time manager and multi-tasker.
  • Must have superior complex problem solving skills.
  • Possess good negotiation skills.
  • Must have good math skills.

Education and Experience

  • High School diploma.
  • Associates degree in Psychology or Health.
  • Knowledge of public safety and security rules.
  • Certification in CPR and first aid techniques.
  • Knowledge of rules of transportation.
  • Fluency in Spanish or another foreign language.

Work Environment

  • Must be able to travel and stay away from home overnight or for several nights.
  • Must be willing to be at risk for exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues.
  • Must be willing to be exposed to communicable diseases due to close contact with the general public.
  • Must be able to lift heavy objects and move disabled people.
  • Must be able to perform frequent bending, kneeling and squatting.
  • Must be willing to work nights and weekends.
  • Must be able to function calmly in high stress situations.
  • Must be able to cope effectively with disruptive passengers.


  • Salaries range from $19,000 to $29,000 with the average salary being $22,000.
  • Hourly wages range from $8 an hour to $14 an hour.

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