Package Handler Job Description

The job description of a package handler is essentially to prepare customer’s packages so that they are received safely and intact. The handler also loads the packages onto trucks for delivery to customers.

Position Description

A package handler has various tasks including examining, labeling, measuring, weighing, scanning and sorting packages so that they can be delivered to customers in a timely manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Package Handler

Assembles, lines and pads cartons, crates and containers manually to prepare them for shipment.
Seals containers using glue, nails and other fasteners.
Examines and inspects containers to make sure they are ready to be transported to the customer.
Pulls out packages that are improperly labeled, sealed or backed for reprocessing.
Uses a variety of tools to prepare packages for shipping including box sealing tape, heat sealers, staple guns and stretch wrap.
Handles fragile items and hazardous materials in a safe manner according to company and government rules and regulations.
Places containers on proper conveyor belts and in chutes to go to the loading dock.
Loads boxes, cartons and other packages onto trucks for delivery.
Makes use of computer programs and spreadsheet software to track inventory.
Works on a team to process all packages by the end of the shift.
Cleans the work area at the end of a shift.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Possesses excellent hand/eye coordination.
Has strong active listening skills.
Demonstrates good critical thinking skills.
Shows the ability to monitor gauges and machines and assess their accuracy.
Possesses strong reading comprehension skills.
Has excellent decision making skills and the ability to make sound judgment.
Displays exceptional time management and multi-tasking abilities.
Demonstrates the ability to be mechanically inclined and detail oriented.
Possesses the ability to be an effective troubleshooter.
Has strong negotiation skills and the ability to speak clearly and articulately.
Demonstrates extensive knowledge of math, weights and measures.
Displays a clear understanding of safety and security issues.
Has the ability to work independently with little direct supervision.
Shows knowledge of zip codes in different states.
Demonstrates the ability to accurately follow directions.
Exhibits strong concentration and memorization skills.
Possesses data entry and other computer skills.
Maintains good physical fitness to meet the demands of the job.

Education and Experience
High School diploma.
Training program from employer.

Work Environment
Spends time in climate controlled buildings and warehouses that can be very hot or cold depending on the weather.
Lifts heavy boxes, cartons and other containers onto trucks.
Wears ergonomic belts, gloves and other gear to protect against injury.
Uses ergonomic equipment to make moving and lifting packages easier.
Experiences minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and muscle strains.

The average salary for a package handler ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 a year or $10 to $15 an hour.

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