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Meticulous Band Tour Manager Job Description


A band tour manager is responsible for ensures smooth run of the concert tour. They oversee tour finances, makes sure that everybody knows their duties and generally makes sure that everyone on tour is on task. Band tour manager may also deal with the some personal issues of the people on tour and generally making sure that everyone is happy while on tour.


A band tour manager makes important background work before even booking of the how. They should be aware of the location, modes of transportation, accommodations, duties of staff and the over cost of the tour. Band tour managers plan the tour routes carefully because each tour locations must be confirmed and directions to venue should be accurate. A good band tour manager takes care of everything that is needed in the tour. They make sure that band equipments are shipped to the correct venue. They have working relationship with promoters, who are responsible for attracting crowds at gigs for the show to be deemed successful.

Education and Training Requirements

A band tour manager is preferred to have a degree in management. Most employers hire individuals who possess four-year degrees in music business, business administration or a related field of study. However, majority of band tour managers make a clientele list through word of mouth. Some may start by managing bands then ultimately attain the position of a tour manager.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

A band tour manager acquires many skills to be able to become successful. But the most important skill that they should have is patience. It is certain that something will go wrong even though the event was carefully thought and planned. They should be able to resolve problems calmly and always have a backup plan. Having people skills and negotiation skills are essential because they deal with promoters and venues to be able to build clientele.

Working Conditions

A band tour manager has the opportunity to travel in major cities of the world.

For many people, they are rewarded to be in the company of musicians. Sometimes a band have six to seven shows a week, which eventually starts to take its toll on the Band Tour Manager both mentally and physically.


A band tour manager may receive an average pay of $54,000. The amount of salary of a Band Tour Manager may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. For example, a contract specialist receives pay amounting to $55,000 annually.

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