Vet Tech Job Description


A Vet Tech or veterinarian technician is an individual who assist Veterinarians in performing animal health care. They assist in performing medical procedures with a veterinarian. A vet tech carries out tasks that the doctors prescribe. They are responsible in taking care of animals in all stages of treatment. They are found mostly in zoos, animal shelters and animal clinics.


The tasks of a vet tech may include, but are not limited to, holding or restraining of animals during examination, treatment, or inoculation. They see to it that the treatment room is prepared for animal examination. When there is surgery, they prepare the patient, equipment and medications. They assist during surgery by passing the materials and equipment to the veterinarian. Under the supervision of a veterinarian, they can administer injections, takes vital signs of animal, apply wound dressings, perform venipunctures, apply wound dressings, and clean teeth. They routinely feed animals, cares for them and perform laboratory tests. They provide assistance to professional personnel in their research projects in research laboratories, commercial or public health.

Education and Training Requirements:

A Vet tech may be required to graduate from a two year training program which is approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association. They teach future vet techs about animal care nutrition and anatomy and physiology in certification programs. Having prior experience in handling and dealing with animals also counts. One can try to volunteer at a kennel, animal shelter or a local veterinary hospital.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

Vet tech knows a variety of things when it comes to assisting a vet and taking care of animals. During the certification program, practical vet tech skills are taught like assisting a veterinarian during surgery, administering anesthesia and usage of instruments. They should have an animal lover and has genuine desire to help needy animals.

Working Conditions:

Vet tech works in numerous places. As long you can see animals, there could be a veterinarian or Vet tech. We can expect to see them in places wherein animals live and thrive. We normally see them in animal clinics, kennel, animal shelter, zoo or local veterinary hospital. They work from 8am to 5pm but during emergencies they can extend working hours or even be on-call.


A Vet Tech may receive an average pay of $46,000. The amount of salary of a Vet Tech may vary because of benefits, company, experience, industry and location. Others, like a technician may receive a pay amounting to $23,000 annually.

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