Accounting Manager Job Description

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The job of an accounting manager involves all areas relating to financial reporting and all activities that require professional application of accounting practices, techniques and principles according to industry standards, company policies and current laws. He/she is responsible for managing resources of assigned areas to ensure accurate and timely financial statements and to meet a company’s financial goals. The job of an accounting manager usually demands him/her to supervise lower-level accountants.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or a related field plus at least 5 years of professional accounting experience. Some companies hire candidates without a Bachelor’s degree, but with 9 years of professional accounting experience.

Skills An accounting manager should have a vast knowledge in accounting procedures, practices and principles, possess superb supervisory skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills and advanced-level mathematical skills for complex numerical computations or reports, and highly knowledgeable in computerized accounting applications and systems.

Specific work elements Supervising activities of subordinates, planning, directing and organizing activities of accounting functions, analyzing, developing and documenting cost and accounting procedures, evaluating and researching laws to recommend or establish changes to accounting operations, providing operating cost visibility relative to fiscal planning, control and expending assets, creating statistical reports with detailed accounting information, and interpreting various accounting data.

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