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An admin is a broad position with varying functions, depending on the agreed-upon job description with the employer. These tasks may include balancing financial assets, handling human resources, managing office policies and procedures, scheduling work and assigning tasks to staff, assisting department heads with projects; and ensuring smooth operations with the department or organization. The scope of an admin’s responsibilities usually depends on their educational attainment, level of expertise and qualifications.

Tasks of an admin may include, but are not limited to, implementing and monitoring office policies and procedures; managing and ordering supplies within the office budget guidelines; leading meetings and providing guidance to staff, particularly in resolving problems; ensuring day-to-day functions are carried out; assisting in staff evaluations; designing and implementing communications programs; performing job interviews and training fresh employees; managing payroll and ensuring accurate, efficient and timely distribution of salaries; receiving important documents, mail and ordered supplies; producing yearly expenditure report; and performing a wide variety of secretarial functions.

Education and Training Requirements
To become an admin, one must obtain an associate’s degree in management, communications or a business related field. This position is usually given as a promotion to long-time employees who have handled a team for several years and have hands-on experience with day-to-day operations.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements
To be successful in this field, an admin must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, organizational and time management skills, problem-solving and analytical skills, multi-tasking skills, and advanced computer skills, which includes working on e-mail, presentation, scheduling and spreadsheet programs. An admin should also be detail-oriented, understanding, influential, flexible and has the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Working Conditions
Admins work in an office setting, usually with their own fully-equipped room. They operate computer and other basic office machines such as copiers, telephones, fax and calculator, among others. Some admins may be assigned to go on fieldwork and travel to meet clients or oversee events. They generally work 40 hours per week, but may work longer hours when meeting deadlines. Occasionally, admins may also be called upon to work on odd schedules.

The annual average salary of an admin is around $40,000 to $45,000 per year. The lowest 10% earn $25,000/year, while the highest 10% may take home an annual salary of $65,000. Annual earnings for admins are determined by various factors, such as title, field, level of education, experience and location of company.

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