Archivist Job Description

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The job of an archivist involves acquiring, managing and maintaining documents or other materials with historical important to people, organizations and even nations. He/she is responsible for organizing, maintaining and preserving books, maps, papers, photographs, films, newspapers, prints and computer-generated records.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess at least two years experience in a library or other archive operations. While a 4-year degree is not important, candidates with experience in research support and an MLS degree or MA in history is preferred by most companies.

Specific work elements Evaluating records for retention and preservation; arranging acquisition or retrieval of records; liaising with donors, depositors or owners of archives; cataloguing collections; managing records and information; advising users how to access, use or interpret archives; answering enquiries from the public or other users (via phone, e-mail or letters); arranging exhibits or visits; facilitating access through computer-aided searches or other methods of remote access; producing teaching or training materials; facilitating seminars about archival procedures; identifying ways to protect or preserve collections; and managing junior staff.

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