Assistant Store Manager Job Description

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The assistant store manager’s main objective is to make ensure store personnel are working effective, giving superb customer service and running the store based on company policies. His duty includes answering customer questions, listening to their complaints and assisting store managers with various tasks such as incurring supplies, selecting products or handling returns and other client complaints. Assistant store managers also help maintain the store’s cleanliness, proper organization, and the merchandise stock. They also implement store policies and delegate tasks of store employees.


Assistant store managers ensure the staff provides excellent customer service since they are the ones responsible for resolving customer problems, before transferring them to the store manager. When the store manager is busy or not around, the assistant store manager oversees if the employees are performing effectively, monitoring day-to-day tasks and supervising the staff throughout the day. The assistant store manager also makes certain a clean, well-stockpiled store and staff performing properly organized work. If the store is disorganized or improperly maintained, customers will less likely come back. The assistant also checks inventory and ensures all shifts have corresponding staff to handle the front desk, cashier, stocking room and other tasks during store hours. When it comes to human resources, some assistant managers are responsible for hiring employees, training new hires and firing staff members.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an assistant to the store manager, one must have a high school diploma, GED or an equivalent educational background. In large companies, employers may look for assistants with a bachelor’s degree in retail, sales or any business-related field. Experience in the industry is more important than formal education.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

The assistant store manager needs to have good product and marketing background, good computer knowledge, strategic thinking, administrative or accounting skills and proper customer focus. He/she must also be a team player, highly organized, independent, people-oriented and has the ability to lead a team of workers.

Working Conditions

Work involves being on one’s feet for long hours and frequent interaction with customers and associates. Some travel may be required away from the store. The job can be stressful, particularly during sale seasons, such as Thanksgiving or end-of-the-year.


An assistant store manager makes $31,000 annually on average, but it can be higher if he/she is employed by a huge company or if the store is located in a big city. Other factors such as nature of industry and assistant benefits may also dictate the compensation rate.

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