Audio Engineer Job Description

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An audio engineer is responsible in using digital equipments and specialized machinery to record, mix, synchronize or reproduce sound effects, music or voices. He/she usually work in industries such as video game, theater, movies and music recording. The job of an audio engineer includes setting up, operating and maintaining various electrical and electronic equipments used in concerts, music recordings, TV shows, plays, movies or radio broadcasts.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering, or an equivalent field. Some employers also hire candidates that have completed short courses, training or relevant experience of 2+ years in the field.

Skills Ability to handle a wide range of equipments including a mixing desk, intercoms, computers, headphones and microphones; advanced knowledge in sound engineering PC programs; superb interpersonal and communication skills; excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.

Specific work elements Meeting with performers, producers, directors and other people involved in a production in achieving desired sound for a program, movie, music recording or other types of productions; setting up and handling recording equipments; regulating volume levels and sound quality during performances or recording sessions; mixing and editing sound effects, music and voices using a sound-mixing board.

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