Audit Clerk Job Description

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An audit clerk is responsible for auditing financial reports, assisting clients with accounts payable and accounts receivable, assisting in bookkeeping, and performing research for larger firms. Tasks of audit clerks may vary depending on the type of records needed auditing, such as cash sales, charge accounts, C.O.D., commissions, expense, federal housing, inventory, journal entry, medical records, remittance on farm rental and soil, or conservation, among others.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a 4-year degree in business or accounting related field. Employers often look for candidates with 2+ years of experience in the field.

Skills Advanced Microsoft Excel skills, strong attention to detail, excellent oral and written communication skills, superb interpersonal skills needing for working with consultants, clients and accountants, and strong mathematical, analytical and organizational skills.

Specific work elements Verifying accuracy of calculations, figures and postings related to business transactions recorded by other people; correcting errors and listing discrepancies for future adjustment; examining expense accounts, commissions, loans, interests, cash receipts, bank records, sales tickets, stock-record sheets, inventory, account payments, or similar items; computing percentages and totals.

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