Business Development Director Job Description

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The job description of a business development director challenges the person with being responsible for the ongoing prosperity of the company.The job calls for someone with a background in sales and an ability to design sales strategies.

Position Description

A business development director performs tasks with the goal of maintaining major client relationships and identifying potential clients and business opportunities for the company.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Business Development Director

Works to improve the company’s position in the marketplace.
Brings financial growth to the company.
Identifies long-term sales goals for the company.
Formulates a sales strategy for the client development staff.
Negotiates and closes product and service sales and business deals for the company.
Keeps up with market trends and conditions and keeps staff educated about the trends and conditions.
Pursues sales leads and potential new clients.
Writes proposals.
Performs presentations.
Meets with vendors to ensure supplies and services support client needs.
Participates in the selection of new computer systems and software.
Trains staff on how to sell newly developed products and services.
Develops new business plans and marketing strategies.
Works with the marketing department to implement marketing strategies.
Meets with executives and boards of directors to set goals and discuss methods to reach goals.
Works with other departments to coordinate account setup and arrange for delivery of products and services when new clients are signed.
Builds and maintains client relationships.
Works with unhappy clients to bring resolution to problems and reestablish strong client relationships.
Helps develop and generate customized analysis reports according to client specifications.
Helps develop and manage special product and service promotions.
Participates in the interviewing and hiring of new sales personnel.
Integrates marketing strategies, financial capabilities and operational functions to achieve sales goals and generate revenue for the company.
Predicts changes in the market and responds accordingly.
Looks for new markets for the company and new solutions to client needs with the goal of developing and selling new product and service lines.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Must have excellent negotiation skills.
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Must have good computer skills and be proficient at managing client databases and computer sales programs.
Must have strong math and financial skills.
Strong leadership capabilities are essential.
Must have excellent public speaking skills.
Must be self-motivated.
Must have good customer service skills.
Must have good analytical skills.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Finance, Management, Advertising, Psychology or Business.
Master’s degree in Business Administration.
Several years’ experience in sales, management and client and business development.
Must be able to work long hours, particularly at the end of a month or fiscal year.
History of generating revenue.
Knowledge of the industry.

Work Environment
Time is spent in a climate controlled private office space.
Must be willing to travel to meet with prospective and existing clients, including overnight stays and travel outside of the country.

Salaries range from $60,000 to $160,000 depending on the size of the company,the structure of commissions and the level of education.

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