Call Center Manager Job Description

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A call center manager is responsible for overseeing the daily activity of an inbound or outbound call center, ensuring that the center meets all performance goals, resolving any customer or client complaints, and supervising employees. The call center manager job description requires an individual who demonstrates strong leadership qualities and is capable of keeping the center running smoothly.

Position Description

A call center manager trains new call center employees, helps to develop new scripts and procedures for placing and receiving calls, keeps a record of call center activity, and reports data to company management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager

Recruits, hires, and trains new call center employees.
Assists in developing new tactics and scripts for inbound and outbound calls.
Logs call activity.
Assists employees in handling difficult calls.
Addresses and resolves any customer or client complaints.
Promotes and enforces company policy and mission in the center.
Oversees call center budget.
Manages and distributes payroll checks.
Tracks employee performance and provides tips and guidelines to employees.
Terminates employees if necessary.
Creates employee schedules.
Motivates and encourages call center staff.
Assesses call center equipment and assists in troubleshooting any technical difficulties.
Keeps track of center or office inventory and orders supplies as needed.
Prepares call center reports.
Presents performance information and related data to upper level management.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrates strong leadership qualities.
Possesses clear knowledge of the larger company’s mission and goals.
Is able to communicate instructions to staff clearly and effectively.
Exhibits strong customer service skills.
Demonstrates excellent phone etiquette, with the ability to communicate with callers clearly, calmly, and persuasively as needed.
Is able to diffuse any conflict in the workplace and resolve issues or complaints from upset callers.
Must work well with a team.
Demonstrates knowledge of basic computer programs and office equipment.
Possesses strong organizational skills.
Has ability to motivate a large staff.
Demonstrates familiarity with financial management and payroll processes.
Thinks creatively and strategically to devise new and improved call center strategies.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s or Associates Degree in business or management required.
Work experience in management or customer service is also required.
Must successfully complete company-sponsored management training course.

Work Environment
Standard 8-hour workday applies.
Shifts are variable, as many call centers operate 24 hours a day; managers may be assigned a day shift or an overnight shift.
Time will be spent in the call center, a temperature controlled office environment.
Managers will move between a personal office and the open setting in which employees place and receive calls.

Average salaries for a call center manager range from $40,000 to $60,000, depending on the size and status of the call center’s parent company.

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