Case Manager Job Description

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Case managers work in various industries to ensure that their clients receive the best options, contracts or deals from those who provide services. They are responsible for negotiating and overseeing work of service providers and ensuring that the services meet client standards and policy requirements. Tasks of case managers depend largely on the industry. Case managers in social work industries manage investigative cases such as child abuse, while those in insurance companies deal with people involved in accident claims. In the medical industry, case managers help patients in understanding their health problems and the medical treatment options available for their conditions.


Tasks of case managers include working directly with clients at home or in hospitals; finding out the needs of clients and helping them reach their goals or fulfill their needs; maintaining case records, working with various agencies, acting as an advocate between agencies and clients; overseeing interns and other case workers; ensuring delivery of services meet standards; assessing physical or mental health of patients in hospitals, and consulting family members about the type of help they need to provide the patient once he/she comes home. Case managers are trained counselors, so they can help patients with trauma, depression or other conditions. Case managers usually work with the government, hospitals and private or public institutions. As such, the duties of case managers will depend largely on the type of industry they work with.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a professional case manager, one must obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in social work, mental health, psychology or a medical-related field. Sometimes, employers prefer those with experience in human resources, social work, criminal justice, insurance or health care. Some companies may also require licenses, registrations or certifications.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To be efficient in this position, one must have strong communication and people skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills, knowledge of counseling techniques, basic mathematics and advanced computer skills, technical writing skills, and the genuine passion for helping people from all walks of life.

Working Conditions

Case managers work in an office setting. However, they are times that they are required to work on the field in different environments. If employed in hospitals, case managers work in clean, well-lit establishments, but they can be exposed to various health conditions. Since many case managers work face-to-face with people who are physically or mentally sick, the job can be very challenging.


The salary of case managers may range between $50,000 and $90,000, depending on factors such as bonuses, benefits and experience.

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