Cashier Job Description

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The job of a Cashier involves handling customer payments in restaurants, offices, theaters, retail stores and other establishments that sell products and services. The work of cashiers usually involve processing of credit cards, validating checks and the use of cash registers, electronic scanners and other related equipments. Aside from dealing with customer payments, cashiers may also be responsible for paying supplies, preparing paychecks and funds for bank deposit, as well as working on sales tax reports.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess at least a high school diploma and relevant experience as a cashier. They must possess basic application of mathematics and be trained in handling computerized or electronic cash registers, scanners and other equipment. Since their work usually involves plenty of money, cashiers must also have a clean criminal record.

Skills Mathematical and problem-solving skills, effective verbal communication skills, report-writing skills, excellent customer service skills and advanced computer skills to handle cash registers. The cashier must also have a pleasing personality and be able work varied hours and days, including weekends, holidays and nights as necessary.

Specific work elements Ensuring customers are greeted and provided excellent customer service; inspecting faulty merchandise or rotten products; maintaining awareness of current advertisements and promotions; accepting payments and providing accurate change; keeping register area supplies stocked; communicating customer requests to managers and performing other tasks as assigned.

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