Caterer Job Description

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Caterers provide food service to events and functions such as company meetings, weddings, birthdays, and similar gatherings. A lot of restaurants offer catering service, while their employees are the ones fulfilling the tasks needed. Some of the common duties of a caterer include preparing and serving food, staffing bars, setting and clearing tables, and attending to the guests’ needs throughout the event.


A caterer is mainly involved in the preparation of food and drinks for the guests in a certain event. The task of a caterer starts in planning the menu for the event, which is often handled by the executive chef. Other tasks of caterers include discussing and finalizing details with the clients, designing theme parties and providing decorations of a venue; attending to the complaints of customers in relation to the food or service; planning, coordinating, and supervising activities of each staff. Some caterers offer additional service such as logistical assistance to their clients.

Education and Training Requirements

For a caterer to be effective, one should have a full understanding of the proper management techniques in running a catering service. In some cases, a formal college degree may not be a requirement. Someone who started as a kitchen helper can also be an effective and efficient caterer as one can be trained through experience. Larger catering service companies may require one to have a college degree related with business or restaurant management.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

To become a successful caterer, one should possess the passion for good food. Other important attribute and skills include good business and organization skills, interpersonal skills, customer service skills, problem solving skills, sales and marketing skills as well as basic computer skills. A caterer should also be consistent and well-organized to render pleasant service to the guests, since reputation is a big deal in the catering industry. Culinary knowledge and creativity is also an advantage.

Working Conditions

The set-up of a catering service is mainly based in a large-scale production—or usually, at least. The place could be hot and busy since everyone is expected to work at a fast yet efficient pace. Aside from the kitchen, caterers also often travel to different indoor and outdoor event venues. As such, a caterer should be responsive and flexible enough since the job would require one to easily adapt with the environment. As for the working hours, it all depends on the type of catering company and events being served.


On the average, a caterer earns around $26,000 per year. A caterer may earn more if the demand for catering services is increased. A caterer may earn extra amount through additional services such as flowers, customized cakes, and decoration supplies.

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